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Palm Tree Table Lamp

Palm Tree Table Lamp

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Antique brass

T-T076 Dia700*H1060mm 6*E14/LED

The brass antique table lamp exudes elegance and sophistication with its timeless design.

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Provide 3 years warranty for light fixtures

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Step into a realm of timeless beauty with the Victorian table lamp—a fusion of Victorian, Baroque, and Rococo influences that embodies the essence of antique charm and French luxury. Drawing inspiration from the ornate French lamps of yesteryears, this lamp encapsulates an era of opulence and sophistication. Here are five exquisite features that define the Victorian table lamp, ensuring its place as a symbol of bygone grandeur:

  1. Intricate Baroque Embellishments: Adorned with intricate Baroque motifs, the lamp boasts elaborate carvings, scrolls, and flourishes that harken back to an era known for its dramatic and lavish artistry. The lamp's base and stem are intricately decorated, evoking the ornate aesthetics of the Baroque period.
  2. Rococo Curves and Flourishes: The lamp's silhouette features gentle Rococo curves that add a touch of whimsy and playfulness. Rococo's characteristic emphasis on asymmetry and delicate ornamentation is evident in the lamp's body, lending an air of grace and charm.
  3. Opulent Victorian Materials: Crafted using materials favored during the Victorian era, such as richly polished mahogany, intricate brass detailing, and fine porcelain accents, this lamp exudes opulence and refinement, capturing the essence of Victorian sensibilities.
  4. Antique Patina and Finish: The lamp's antique finish, meticulously applied, imparts a sense of history and patina, as if it has gracefully aged over time. This weathered appearance not only enhances its vintage appeal but also evokes the spirit of timeless beauty.
  5. French-inspired Luxury: Drawing from the luxury of French design, the lamp features ornate crystal drops and beads that catch and refract light, casting a soft, enchanting glow. This touch of French glamour elevates the lamp to an emblem of extravagance, reminiscent of the lavish lighting fixtures found in French palaces.